Choose a Destination Wedding for 2021


What will happen to weddings in 2021?

What will be the aspects that will characterise the day of the fateful yes?

Will it be possible to travel in safety?

How many guests can attend?

There are many questions to which our future newly-weds are seeking an answer.

I would like to dispel any doubts bringing if possible, some clarity to the situation.

Let’s not deceive ourselves too much; it is still going to be a complicated year. With the opportunity to return to travelling thanks to the first doses of vaccine to be distributed, my advice is to continue to give preference to places where you will feel safe and at ease; think of naturalistic locations for example, far from cities, or in the islands where idyllic spots are to be found without giving up any of the fun allowed.

Don’t lose hope of still being able to have an out of this world wedding; the wedding planner can, as never before, be useful in trying to solve all those problems regarding safety knowing the rules of the places where you choose to go.

Given the times, it would be advisable to have insurance in case of the ceremony being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. You will at least save yourselves if not the insult, at least the injury. You can talk about this with your wedding planner who will help and advise you for the best.

Having solved these two essential points, you can start thinking about your Destination Wedding with all those opportunities ahead of you.

Fundamental: choose somewhere you feel is right and don’t let anyone influence you. The place where you crown your dream should be important and significant for both of you.

Look for your place in the world!

Why would you choose to come to Italy and not choose to go to Australia for example or to Ibiza and not to a Greek island? Only you can know that.

Let yourselves be guided by emotions, as they say” We can’t rule our hearts” and this is so true for this kind of  choice.

A photo, the story of a trip, an article in a magazine … everything can inspire.

The day on which you decide to get married is not to be underestimated; obviously with the majority of the events from 2020 postponed to 2021, the weekends will almost all be booked, but don’t despair!  My advice is to choose a weekday, thereby making a saving on your budget. Defined Destination Wedding, don’t leave out the venue.Try to find one that gives you that familiar feeling of hospitality; not being able to see the place, you won’t be fully aware of the ambience which is why at this stage the wedding planner is so important being able to check and make sure that the very best is reserved for you.

The choice of suppliers is crucial at this point, never before now has it been so important to give priority to companies that offer all included and are of a sustainable, solid appearance.

Think of companies that sustain the community LGBT, that have a sustainable vision of the environment and which can present a more ample and responsible vision of the event itself.

Begin to gather information on these points, don’t wait another minute.

Last, but not least the “problem” of the guests.

I say problem because many couples burn the midnight oil trying to decide who to invite and who not without hurting anyone’s feelings. Unfortunately, the current situation forces us to invite only close friends and relatives. Make your choices without worrying because as long as there are limitations in place, no one will feel left out.

If you then choose a Destination Wedding which is far enough away, the problem will partly resolve itself  as not everyone can reach distant places. Furthermore, my advice is to make sure that you choose the closest family members and friends so they can spend the whole holiday with you.

Destination Wedding is not only about your wedding day, but about a whole experience to share with the people you love the most!

This is why you shouldn’t underestimate the care you have to give to your guests on your wedding day  for example by personalising an aperitif, a dinner or a dessert table for each one.        

Those who take part in the event have to feel important.

Lastly, technology can play a fundamental part at Destination Wedding: take into consideration a live streaming connection at the ceremony for the people who were unable to participate to let them share in the best day of your life. Even though it won’t be the same as having them there next to you, you can give them the joy of sharing that moment.


TUSCANY (Italy) AND IBIZA (Spain) for 2021 will be two perfect places to create moments of pure joy in safety, away from the chaos of the metropolis and immersed in a timeless atmosphere.

You can choose different settings for your BEST DAY EVER, from the countryside to the luxury of the cities, from the sea to the most romantic villages.

Nothing will be obvious.


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