Pantone’s color(s) 2021: get ready for a vibrant wedding

Here we are, in the new year, with the hope that couples can start dreaming again planning their desired wedding.

So, trying to bring back positivity and the desire to believe in it, let’s talk about colors, or the two colors that according to Pantone will be the trend that will guide the style of weddings in 2021, THE ULTIMATE GRAY AND THE ILLUMINATING YELLOW.

Together these two colors show us the resiliency we have had this terrible year, giving us a light of hope at the end of the tunnel.

So get ready to take risks, letting you be blown away by the joy of creating something unique; the formal and elegant style of gray will blend with the exuberance of yellow and together they will create a combination in which all the joy and beauty of your event will come out.

STRENGTH, PERSONALITY, HOPE, INVENTIVE, DESIRE FOR FREEDOM, these are the key words that must keep in your mind.

Your YES will fully reflect the attitude of trust that each of us must have in this new year; it will be you, the couple, who will be responsible for inspiring your guests.

From the dress to the choice of setting details, your wedding will be an infusion of joy and no one will be able to take the stage away from you.


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