Haute Couture inspires the World of Weddings

Creating a wedding is a great responsibility not only for the organizational aspect which is very important but for the creative one.

Couples are always looking for something unique and special that is only for them, not copies of other weddings or events.

Inspiration is an indispensable element that must be sought in all those forms of art that can give us unique sensations.

Fashion is certainly a world to which the wedding planner must wink to get creative inspiration.

The fashion shows of the spring-summer 2021 season, despite a changed situation without an audience due to the current state of the pandemic, have once again given us something unique.

Apparently we could think that they would be deprived of that glamor that is fundamental in fashion and instead this state of subtraction and intimacy has pervaded the air of beauty even more.

My ranking undoubtedly puts the Chanel show in first place.

The theme is that of a wedding, a floral scene with green and colorful arches that frame the arrival of models with dresses that recall dreams, parties and elegance.

The feeling is that of being part of an intimate wedding, a garden party with the family, the occasion in which elegance is not only necessary but is the ingredient that builds the occasion itself.

Dior instead gives us a short film directed by the talented Matteo Garrone, in a beautiful decadent villa in Tuscany, with the surreal and dreamlike tones of the tarot cards.

Valentino has focused on work that abstracts from time, producing timeless figures, with clothes molded on the person in a setting of sumptuous luxury. Women and men who want to express themselves, naturally, fluidly.

Looking at these unique events, even the smallest detail can be a source of inspiration: the style of the world created around the models, the shape of a dress, the materials used, the make-up, the choice of colors.

Always observing with the eyes of a child who opens up to the world for the first time, marveling at the beauty that is emanating.

Aesthetics must become the starting point and then arrive at the creation that goes beyond aesthetics itself and becomes emotion.

  Yes, because making a wedding means capturing everything the couple wanted to tell, all their sensations.

This is why it is important for the wedding planner to know their couples; it’s a bit like being a stylist after all, we weave and sew the tailored suit, we put all our care and dedication into creating a magical moment that can be remembered forever.

So yes, I would say that there is a subtle thread that links fashion with the world of weddings.

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